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Real People, Real Experiences

I would not have made it to where I am today without the help of Ron Cipriano. He is the best expert in his field. His program was able to educate me, and give me the tools I needed to stop the insanity. I have been able to remain sober and happy for over a year. I know I could not have done it on my own. I know because I tried, many times, over a ten year period. I am now living the life I want to live. The life that alcohol and opioids destroyed. I have a very good life today because of Ron's program.

Jeff P.

Ron Cipriano and his team are the real deal. When I was in need of some serious help, I was lucky enough to find them and work Ron's program. As someone who went through counseling here and personally experienced a life-saving transformation, I am proud and eager to recommend Ron and his team to anyone and everyone who needs to reach out for help. Ron and his crew run a tight ship, which is what I personally needed to start my life in recovery. I have made many, many connections now through Ron and his program, and am a true believer. A truly awesome experience.

Aaron D.

I came to Ron's program after several bouts with alcohol, where once I had a drink I no longer could determine when I would stop. I was both terrified and frustrated. Through the Recovery Dynamics method Ron, Steve and Christy helped me gain understanding of the build up of emotions and my inability to manage them. They have provided me with structure to process these now. I would recommend Ron's program to anyone looking to better their life and regain their peace of mind.

Tripp S.

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